Monday, May 11, 2009

Addendum to Stock Market Observations

They're still at it! Instead of just recognizing the trend of the market, the reporters are all agog over the fact that the market has risen 35% since its lowest point this year and made up its losses of 2009. Duh... That low was not in early January, that was some time after January 19th--Inauguration Day. From my point of view the praises should be sung after the market makes up the losses since the high of 2008. (That will be my fiscal base point.)

There are so many figures floating around. Where do you suppose the increase in new jobs comes from? Could it be the 72,000 government jobs generated? (And guess what--government jobs means more union membership. Another Duh?)

The talking heads have talked about little other than the Saturday Night Press Club event. A number of those remarks were certainly in bad taste or a lot worse, but has it ever occurred to anyone else that the reason the media types are still fawning over the new President is that they consider themselves a privileged class? The President owes them so they, along with the unions and others who gave him huge monetary support are those who are supportive of the nationalist/socialist agenda.

If I were a newspaper employee I wouldn't be so smug. The demographic of Jackson is such that we still have a print paper, but I have a feeling the reprieve is temporary. Just heard that there will be no more paper boys. All routes are to be covered by those over 18 and delivered by automobile. They call them sub-contractors.

It certainly is the end of an era. Along with Boy Scouts and baseball, the paper boy was always a rite of passage for many young boys. We parents were convinced that our kids were learning lessons in responsibility, learning to serve the public, giving good and timely service and showing respect to their customers and yes, they did have to get up on Sunday mornings and go out in bad weather. Good lessons all. I still remember how long it took #2 son to do his collecting. He always spent time with the "geezers" who were only too glad to share their life experiences with this kid.

Little known fact: 50% of all money spent by the federal government is either printed or borrowed. We've discussed the cost of money before. When too many people are chasing too few dollars the result is higher interest rates and inflation. And for seniors, add the fact that there will be 4 years of no COLA in your Social Security check. Oh, well......

Try to sleep well and God bless........

PS-thinking about newspapers, I love the comics. In fact, you know the questions about who would you like to be stranded with on a desert island? Or what book(s) would you take? Well, I'd like to have a bunch of comic strip writers over for dinner. Lots of philosophy along with that humor!

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