Friday, May 22, 2009

Pelosi Needs to be Sued---

Someone from the CIA should sue Pelosi for defamation of character or whatever the legal terminology is for her accusation which amounts to accusing the CIA of treason. If she really has evidence, she owes it to the country to be sure that the "liars" are punished. She should realize that she is accusing nearly an entire department of a capital offense. (Frankly, I think she is the liar, but we need to see the truth come out.)

If she does not follow through on this there might be a case made that by not seeing that justice is done she is, in effect, aiding or abetting in the crime and should be prosecuted herself. I'm not a lawyer, but logic tells me that there are certain steps that need to be taken to be sure accountability and responsibility are afforded to whoever is involved and to whatever extent.

A couple of other things came up in today's news. Apparently the White House is supplying the media with clips making it unnecessary for photo reports by the networks or others. Go ahead, color me cynical, but this sure smacks of CENSORSHIP. A few cameras are allowed in for specific periods of time for certain events and then shooed away. Later the photos they want published are supplied. What would you call it?

The other thing is Colin Powell trying to be on both sides of the fence. Just because he served as SOS under GW for a time before Condoleeza Rice who was truly qualified, doesn't make him a Republican. Since he endorsed and campaigned for Obama, I believe he has given up any right to be considered Republican and if he wants to give advice to the party, we should treat it as respectfully as though James Carville were making the offer.

Have a great weekend!

God bless America...

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