Monday, May 18, 2009



No matter what healthcare plan comes from the White House we expect that you will vote for it, but we ask your indulgence as we suggest that you bring up an amendment which would require that a 2-3 year trial period be enacted which would require a test by the Legislature and all government employees who would keep meticulous records. Then, and only then, if the test is "successful" should it be brought up for a vote. Please respond with a public statement. Thank you.

Further, since the President is going to announce more strict CAFE regulations we would ask, since it would greatly affect Michigan's automotive industry (or what's left of it,) that you tell us exactly what it would do to our economy.

Could you have someone on your staff compile the charts/statistics necessary for a cross-section of your constituents to be able to figure out how much new restrictions would actually cost us. If our present vehicles do not meet standards will we be expected to junk them? Or will there be a fine or cap and trade fee to continue their use? And what would be the formula used to arrive at that cost? Or will licensing fees or gasoline taxes add to the cost for folks who can't afford new vehicles?

Perhaps you could also display the costs for using a motorcycle or golf cart type vehicle or even a Smart Car for getting around town. Then we could add in the costs of renting a car for out of town trips. Your constituents with longer commutes to their work place will face different sets of circumstances. Would there be allowances or rationing in the offing for unforseen problems?

We want to be as informed as possible in order for us to ask your assistanace as our Representative and thank you in advance for your efforts.

And to this blog's usual reader--God's blessings on you........

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Anonymous said...

I think congresscritters would say that your suggestions for a health care bill are called a "sunset" provision and a "cost/benefit analysis."

Lots of huge, rich insurance company executives would love to see a sunset provision. I doubt any democrats are going to work very hard to include one.

As for the cost/benefit analysis, why not? Democrats love to increase the size of any bill and all the increased record keeping you are asking for would surely require additional staff to push around all the additional paperwork. I'd bet Schauer will support that one.

And, your CAFE suggestions- why would you want to know his opinion on what "exactly" it will do to our economy? He has no clue. I would not trust anyone who answered that impossible request. He might try it though.

And more "charts/ statistics"? Are we not intelligent enough to figure it out? Let the free market (us) make the choices on transportation. I sure as heck don't need my congresscritter to tell me. Endless charts and graphs is one thing I don't miss since Congressman Smith retired, ha!

I am frankly sick and tired of all the free propaganda that our representatives send blabbing on and on about this and that. I am sick of the robotic calls asking me to listen in on a town hall where people blab on and on about crap.

Just do you job and we will vote you out in 2010 if we can come up with a sane alternative. Who is going to run against the democrats golden boy?