Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who is Buried in Grant's Tomb? or Would Buy a Nuke----

What a dumb question. Some commentator today was asking who Korea would find to buy nuclear warheads or missiles. You gotta figure that anyone in just about anyplace with enough money, right? And you really think Obama has a plan to "talk nice" as State Department diplomacy is the answer........

There are so many things happening at once as we've all noted before. It seems that every day there's something new on Obama's plate. He just flits from one program to the next. And that's what has me worried.

Grant's tomb was my first analogy of the day and the second has to do with how long it takes to turn an aircraft carrier around. I understand it takes miles and miles and that's when everyone wants to turn around. What do you think our chances of getting back to capitalism after some of our largest industries and services are nationalized might be? Particularly in view of the fact that the libs want to keep the socialized system so they're not all steering in the same direction.

Let's start counting and don't forget that we're talking about some of the largest corporations in the country:

Automobiles--where will investors come from who would put money in a union/government business when the owner (Obama) considers private investors to be speculators and money grabbers.
Insurance companies--who will buy? "Protection" insurance will be totally over priced and term/life types might go under.
Banks--It's hard to wrap our arms around the myriad services and figure which ones can stand alone and which ones will need government guarantees. Who will want to take a chance?
Healthcare--I can't imagine how long (quickly) all businesses will divest their fringe benefit program of healthcare and everyone except seniors who are forced into Medicare and Medigap coverage will be in the government single payer plan. And these private plans will be forced out in that New York minute.

It will look like those intricate domino designs which takes hours and hours to construct and then the key tile is pushed and it's destroyed in minutes. Who is going to make the investment of time and money to reconstruct the design?

I just don't see how the optimism level was reported as higher today. It is really a sad scenario.

Good nite and God bless............


Anonymous said...

Rahm, Crises and the Media

Obama Chief Of Staff Rahm Emanuel spoke of “Crises” like the ones we face today when he said recently, "Rule one: Never allow a crisis to go to waste. ... They are opportunities to do big things." By golly the Democrats have certainly been doing “Big Things” to Working Americans these past few years and months! It seems as though the Democrats have a new “Big Thing” they want to use on hard working every day!

You see, the Democrats caused all of the economic trouble we are in today! Democrat Presidents Carter and Clinton, Congressman Frank and the whole Democrat Delegation we sent to Congress, Senators Dodd, Levin and other Democrat Senators we sent to Washington worked to pass legislation that forced banks to make loans to people these Democrats knew wouldn’t be able to pay the banks back. Other Democrats lead by former Clinton appointees Franklin Raines at Freddie Mac and Jamie Gorelich at Fannie Mae helped the process along and made 10’s on millions of dollars for themselves while aiding the loan process along! Even Democrat Obama got huge amounts of campaign money from financiers on Wall Street and as a consequence didn't want to stop the bad loans either. In fact, Obama as a “Community Organizer” defended Acorn that was leading the charge for these bad loans.

Even then, America could have ridden this recession out just as America did during the S&L “crises” of the early 80"s but the Democrats wouldn’t stand for that because if America comes out of this like we did in the 80's the “Crises” the Democrats created would “go to waste” and the Democrats would lose their “opportunities to do big things.” “Big things” being the Democrats lust for more power and influence over the American people!

You see Democrats want higher taxes, more regulation, more dependency, more illiteracy, less individual freedom, less prosperity and more and more poverty. This has been the Democrat agenda for decades. The current Democrat agenda is speeding up this process dramatically. This should frighten all Americans yearning to breath free in the greatest country in the history of mankind.

Now what really gets me is that Democrats started this whole mess and are now getting a nearly free pass from the media. Democrats blame this mess on the Republicans and the media have just gone along with the Democrat story and Republicans are having trouble getting the real facts of the current situation out to the American public. Because of this the American people are letting the Democrats get away with this huge theft of real property, individual freedoms and prosperity.

Respectfully submitted.

Wedge said...

Obama's repeated statement that he inherited a mess is flawed. He was regarded the leading candidate in both the primary and the presidential race, and the economy was impacted by that over a period of months. He is reponsibly for what is going on now that he is in power...chat group at McDonalds.