Friday, May 15, 2009

Today's Notes from GiGi (aka Great Grandma)

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This is Joshua, an avid baseball player. He had his own baseball card when he was four and playing Tee ball. He's also part of the reason I keep working on all things political--it's his future and that of his brother and my other grandkids. They are the victims of what is happening in Washington and in nearly all the states that will affect his future freedoms and ability to earn a living.

In a couple of days the Notre Dame thing will be history but I want to make one thing clear at this time. When the media take polls on the subject, they really don't have a clue. "Practicing" Catholics who do not believe in the basic tenets of church teaching have in effect voluntarily excommunicated themselves from the Church. I will not judge them. The Church will not judge them. The Church will put forth its position and anyone who cares can draw there own conclusions. The judgment will only matter to them and the 50 million plus babies who have died since January 22, 1973 due to their actions.

As for those they call non-practicing Catholics, they don't count. Have you ever seen anyone use the breakdown of non-practicing Methodists, Presbyterians, etc.? It's the same thing. If you have resigned, you no longer belong, and you may now be counted as some other denomination or not. No one else should care. It's personal, right?

The other headline grabber today has been the Pelosi story. Wonder when she will realize that it's the cover-up, not the initial lie that becomes the problem. I'm thinking that she welcomes the investigation because the longer it goes on, the longer she stays Speaker. I'm thinking a lot of Democrats would rather she resign right now than take them through the next months of headlines with Pelose and Liar and CIA juxtaposed over and over again.

Do you think Obama might hint that it would be a good idea for any CIA agent who was hired during the Bush administration resign? Something like firing all those justice guys?

Again, have a good weekend.

God Bless........

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