Sunday, May 17, 2009

Last Notre Dame Observations

Well, it's finally over and nobody moved--so much for dialog.

Item: He couldn't resist the opportunity to blame the "previous administration" for being short sighted.

Item: Talked about using fair minded words--wonder where that puts infanticide (I don't know of a synonym that is as descriptive.)

Item: Used levity to talk about a guy who was exercising free speech. He was prepared and appeared to welcome the interruption. It "made his point."

Item: Honorary degree is "hard to come by." Really? What did he do to earn it? Run a good campaign?

Item: Yawn. Mostly just another campaign speech.

Item: His use of the Golden Rule seemed so hypocritical when he was talking about the basic right to life. Do unto others? I would hope that he would rather not be killed as abortion kills. He approves of it, right?

Item: Last--I just can't seem to get past the echo when he says "God bless America" and Rev. Wright's echo is "God damn America."

There must not be a vow of obedience or humility in Fr. Jenkins' order.

God bless everyone--we certainly are going to need his blessings. None of us deserves them, but we'll take all we can get.

Have a good week.

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