Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pick a card, any card--Choose your own Memory

First card: If you are not an only child do you remember quarreling with your brother or sister? Coulda strangled 'em right? But what did you do if someone else criticized him or her? Of course! You defended them to the "death." Does anyone else feel that way about our country? So how does it make you feel when our President goes abroad and apologizes to the world for our actions? Justified, or--NOT! And when his wife has these high approval numbers it must mean that everyone but me thinks it's OK that she was never proud of our country until her husband was nominated..........

Second card: Have you ever waited and waited for someone to meet you for an appointment or for a spouse to get home so you could go somewhere as a couple? Do you remember going through the different emotional levels? First, anger. Then, worry. And depending on the situation, third, sadness and/or acceptance. That is, I believe, why we have such a benevolent attitude toward this administration. After the anger or disappointment we are dealing with the worry of the unknown and wondering just how far they will go and finally worried and sad about the consequences which will affect not only our own lives, but future generations.

Third Card: We will all pay. Take healthcare, for instance. The so-called greatest generation has benefited from so many innovations which have extended our life span, but we see how rationing of that care will become a death sentence. Sorta like going for the lowest common denominator. If you don't pass the cost-benefit analysis, you don't get the pharmaceuticals, surgery or treatment. At my age it's not a huge deal, but I hate to think what it will mean to my kids, grandkids and greats who will not only wonder whether they will qualify for care, but will have to pay the cost in dollars as well. Not a pretty picture.

Last card: If you have anything left to invest for your retirement, what will you do with it? Pension funds are now labelled the same as hedge funds--a totally negative image. Ordinary folks who invest in American industrial or manufacturing companies are called speculators with no rights. Everyone looks at financial institutions as crooks and investments there paint investors with the same brush. Makes me wonder if the President is going to issue a list of "Approved Investments for Citizens." The top of the list will probably be headed with programs which will pay "volunteers" to do the bidding of the Boards who come up with the best ideas and they won't have to pay anything back if they work in under-developed areas. It feels like a nightmare coming on.

The card I refuse to play is the Religious Discrimination card. Even if the Prez wants to label us as "not a religious country" I refuse to accept that. The old proverb "there are no atheists in foxholes" comes to mind and looking at our situation, life in the United States may end up as dangerous as life in a foxhole as far as independent thought and free speech are concerned.

My prayer is that more Americans are fighters than lovers and will refuse to accept the option of giving up to the liberals. Maybe it's time for another Tea Party.

God bless........

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