Monday, May 25, 2009

Heard or Read this Week-end

1-The Ten Commandments didn't come with footnotes

2-Coincidences may just be miracles God does anonymously

3-The two words I want in my obituary: disciple and patriot

4-Pray for the President to learn to respect Netanyahu - after dissing him last week

5-Repower America's website doesn't want any dialog

6-A friend wonders why I didn't entitle my blog "Whatever Lola Wants"
(Some day I'll tell you)

7-Overheard line in a classic "cowboy" show: Sometimes we work so hard at living
that we forget how to live

Last--remember when we discussed what it takes to make people react with lifestyle changes when government programs start costing more and more?

A friend of #2 son started out with 2 trucks about 14 years ago hauling different kinds of product throughout the eastern states. He did this with 2 teenage sons, himself as the mechanic and scheduler plus most driving in the early years. He now has 16 trucks and several drivers. The cost of licensing the trucks is much, much higher in Michigan than in Maine so he looked into licensing fees in Maine and determined since he is involved in interstate trucking he could legally make the change. After being threatened by the MHP he has decided to re-license in Michigan for the present. But I wonder what the back breaking straw will be that will cause the family to actually move to Maine with college educated children, a going business and an expanding family? It probably won't be too long now.

This has been an interesting Memorial Day/weekend. Outer space involving the Hubble telescope and a shuttle involved; local communities having many events including parades, picnics and fireworks; church events and memorials plus televised programming for those who can't get around so well any more including the ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. At times in the past 3 day patriotic weekends have been more well-known for their sales at the mall and elsewhere than for appropriate events. It's good to see.

It bears repeating: Not many more important things in life than discipleship and patriotism. God bless.........

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