Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So Many Topics; So Little Space

Let's start with that "vast wasteland," Television. My favorite show for the last couple of years has been Numbers. This year I confess to taping, so I can zap the commercials, Fringe and Flashpoint. I won't miss anything else, but I hope both these are back next season. If you haven't watched either, give 'em a try next fall.

Michigan State Police. I can't believe we would spend the time, resources and money to train 83 new patrolmen only to lay them off in a budget cut so we will lose them totally. Not just temporarily, totally. They will go to some other state and use our investment to enhance another area. There has to be another way. There just has to.

Add to that some "improvements" to an intersection that I use every day. Already in the interests of safety I make a right turn and then get in a left lane at a stop light to avoid a stop sign where traffic from one direction is coming up a slight incline making visibility less than 100% and the other direction has folks turning right on red as an option for them resulting in unexpected traffic between light changes. Without going into detail, when heading west I will now turn north, move into the left lane and in a very short distance make a left turn in front of what used to be one lane turning left and one right and now both will turn left. This has disaster written all over it. But it's safer than going straight west at a 5 way intersection. Dollars to doughnuts the engineers don't use that intersection very often.

Beware of Free Healthcare! Have you heard that in the interests of "preventive" medicine, Britain now denies treatment of heart disease to smokers and refuses hip and knee replacements to the obese. Smokers and heavy folks are wondering why their lifestyle "choices" are punishable but their gay neighbors having sex with multiple partners get a pass on their lifestyle. This is just the tip of the iceberg! They have a new program where civil servants come in and check to see if you have healthy food in the refrigerator.

In two separate publications this week the question was posed: Can you name any European other than political figures? Point being that they have appeared to have lost their creativity. Where are the artists, composers, scientists, writers, etc. of yesteryear? We used to admire them. Now we are looking for approval from them in the political realm, but why? They are like infants living in a nanny state and have lost any initiative and creativity they had historically. Why should we care what these leeches on society think about us? What are they contributing to the world?

The other area we will discuss will be the demographics of Europe where they have extremely low birthrates--in the neighborhood of 1.3 replacement per couple--and we really should be looking at what is happening here in America if we continue on the way we are going, what with abortion, same sex marriage, and small families. Is it economics? Is it the lifestyle changes? We need to be looking at where we are headed.

A priest friend ended his homily with this gem the other day: Do God's word. Nothing more, Nothing less, Nothing else.

God bless............

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