Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Primary Filing Date Just Passed

And we have two new entries in the 19th Senate District.

The Democrat entry is Sharon Renier who is well known for entering lots of races and challenging many candidates through the years. Sometimes she shows well and sometimes you wonder why she spent the time filling out the forms, but here she is at the last minute tossing her hat into the fray. I can't imagine that she will give Marty Griffin too much trouble, but you just never know about these things.

The Republican entry is for the most part an unknown from Sandstone Township, a Mr. Wellman who also entered the race at the last minute. I plead total ignorance of his qualifications or his reasons for getting into the race or his positions on any of the issues, but we will do the research and get some answers for you.

I will have some other answers for you tomorrow, however, even though you have not as yet asked the questions. I'm planning to have dinner with one of the Secretary of State candidates and will report back to you within a couple of days. This office is always one that generates much interest in Michigan and there are a number of candidates who are testing the waters. I'll try to touch base with those I don't already know and report back. And I'll really attempt to be as objective as I can be, promise.

If there is any special question or area of interest you would like me to pursue, just send me a note through the comment section and I'll report back.

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Anonymous said...

Please ask Mr. Wellman if he is going to be in the pocket of state employees. I love cops and teachers as much as any republican, but we sure could use some help reigning in the costs of our tax dollars and those unions are taking up a good share.

I would also think some of us primary voters would be interested to hear from some of the secretary of state candidates on actual issues related to the office as opposed to grandstanding and pandering. One of the candidates seems to be talking about her experience as a local clerk and it sure is resonating with me.