Monday, May 4, 2009

The Ultimate Catch-22

How's this for a riddle wrapped in an enigma and tied up with a puzzle string?

The government is looking for a few good men. Military? No, just a few really, really, really good, experienced executives to run auto companies, insurance companies, banks, you name it, whatever they decide to nationalize next.

If you were an experienced and successful man or woman in any of these disciplines, would you really consider taking a job where the adversarial relationships would be not only two groups across the table in negotiations, but a group of government know-it-alls along with the government tax people (some newly hired) along with the union who altogether own 90% of the company and you on the other? Oh, and by the way, do they really think anyone is going to buy stock in a company when those who hold that paper now are going to be lucky to get pennies on the dollar? (And the President has the gall to call them speculators?)

What would the future hold? Being responsible for the jobs of thousands and thousands of people. Never being able to justify a bonus for meeting goals. Being on call 24 hours a day (yes, that's what responsible executives get paid for.)
Cancelling family vacations on someone's whim or sending them on without you. Going to work before your kids get up and getting home after they go to bed. Being criticized by everyone from the guy who can't or won't hold a job, doesn't pay taxes, didn't finish high school to the politicians who hired you and having no one to watch your back. And let's not even talk about company airplanes that save a lot of time and allow working while in the air. Told to hit the road when anyone needs a scapegoat.......

Would you advise your son or daughter to take that kind of job? Not on your life. So who do they think is going to do the dirty work at the top so the "taxpayers" get their money back? Especially that 40% who don't pay taxes, but I kid you not, the guys on the nightly news just said that the government is going to give everyone who makes less than $26,000 a tracfone. The guy who thought that one up? Good grief!

What is this country coming to? And Obama is just thrilled to be asked to share his worldview with includes not torturing terrorists, but does include pulling babies apart at 9 months, or if they survive an abortion, tossing them in a closet to die when he graces Notre Dame graduates with his presence.

Again.....God bless us all. Nothing nor no one else can help. Try to sleep well.

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