Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Meeting with Michelle McManus

We enjoyed our visit with Michelle McManus and have a "little known fact" for those of us who do not live in her district which, by the way, is ver-r-r-y large. The lady is an avid shooter! Instead of having a golf outing or an ordinary fundraiser like most of the others, she has a "Sporting Clay Shoot." And if you visit her office you're likely to see the first turkey she ever bagged.

This is my plan: To have conversations such as today's with Michelle with Cam Brown and Anne Norlander and to be sure that we are playing on a level field, the same questions will be asked of all candidates. In order to ask good questions, I want to share with you a projected FY 2010 Budget Function. Then we all have the same basic information.

Total Budget: $213,639,000
Customer Services 131,261,400 61.4%
Information Technology 25,023,700 11.7%
Administration 27,899,200 13.1%
Elections 5,449,300 2.6%
Regulatory Services 24,005,400 11.2%

This may not turn out to be a question followed by 3 answers--each of the candidates will, I am sure, have strong points in areas which they will want to stress and this is the way I'm sure all of us want to study the total picture to figure out which one more closely resembles what we want in a Secretary of State.

See you tomorrow.

God bless............


live dangerously said...

We seem to have an interesting election coming up in '0-10'. For Governor and Sec. of State we have a field of candidates that is pretty impressive. I will have a hard time deciding which to vote for. I look forward to your interviews. The more info the better.
Keep it up.
Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

Dave said...

I have followed the Meijer case. I think you should ask all the candidates what they would have done with Meijer? Would they have levied a bigger or smaller fine? Should the Meijer officials go to jail? Or, do they agree with how it was handled?