Saturday, May 23, 2009


Depending on your age, guys, this could have meant WWII, the Korean Conflict, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq or any number of defensive tactics and maintenance of the military through the years.

Now there are more and more women who can answer the question as well. And it occurred to me that I might be asked the question also. How might I answer?
First I'd have to define "war" in the mind of my kid or grandkid or you.

In light of the fact that Obama says there should be no more "war on terror" or "war on drugs" or whatever, I need to say that just as he does not speak for me as far as religion is concerned, he does not speak for me as to his definition of war.

I used to say that when my children were young I feared for their physical safety and as they grew up I feared more for their spiritual and intellectual safety. Today I would add that I fear for their loss of freedom and initiative and ideas. I am concerned that in this country where we have had an abumdance of freedoms in the abstract, those same freedoms are eroding at an every increasing speed.

Whenever I am tempted to back off of what looks like a losing battle because of the political climate of the day, I need to remind myself that I should be answering this question for myself. And my answer should always be that I never retired from the "war against socialism" which is a true battle for the hearts and souls of all folks who hold core moral values based on JudeoChristian concepts because that's all I knew when I was developing my worldview during the last 50-60 years of the 20th century.

I apologize to no one except in a general sense because I was fortunate enough to live in a time when American values were admired and today's younger people are not that lucky. Too many of your generation have been influenced by those who believe that there is more wrong than right about our country and want to follow sharia or international law. Or believe that Socialism is really the way we should be going. Or don't understand that if you don't wish to look at abortion as a moral value, please look at it as an economic value. In good part due to abortion, this country has a birth rate below what it takes to replace outselves. That, friends, is the beginning of the end.

And that's the end for today, the first day of a Memorial week-end meant to honor the men and women who have given their lives for the freedoms we enjoy and so-o-o
take for granted. Democracy is not free.

God bless.........

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