Thursday, May 14, 2009

Notre Dame, Granholm and California/Pot

One of the arguments I have made through the years concerning Catholic politicians who support abortion is that message to us from God's Word: It would be better for you to end up at the bottom of the sea than to cause scandal to the least of my children. (Slightly paraphrased.) This scandal is certainly equal to well known and influential Catholics like the Kennedys, Pelosi, Biden and all the rest, who don't know their Bible all that well, certainly do trust their "Catholic" legislators. ON A RELATIVE SCALE WHAT CAN BE WORSE THAN NOTRE DAME AND OTHER SO-CALLED CATHOLIC COLLEGES SUPPORTING PRO ABORTION POLITICIANS?

Possibly the only good thing to come out of this whole mess might be the recognition by some clergy,including the Bishops who have signed a protest, are realizing that they may have let these guys/gals go too far. One can only hope.

SUPREME COURT NOMINEE? If Obama names either Granholm or Napolitano he has tipped his hand and for the rest of his term we know that his only guide is politics. These two women above all the others alone, campaigned for him, raised money for him and influenced a great many voters. This turns a Supremem Court judge into nothing more than a political hack and denial of blatant politics is impossible hereafter for him.

LEGALIZE POT IN CALIFORNIA? If the Governator would push for drilling offshore he could solve his budget woes without hooking another generation on mind altering substances. Where are the priorities?

And where is the logic? Heard today that public one-payer healthcare for the uninsured would focus on preventative medicine. Now you tell me--how illogically do your thought processes have to be to expect people to sit for a looooong time in a waiting room if you didn't already have a problem or really need to see a doctor? Everyone should accept by now that care will be rationed, there will be fewer doctors willing to take public healthcare, lower reimbursement patients, so waiting times will get longer and longer. Visualize this: me shaking my head back and forth and back and forth.

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