Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Public Floggings for Generals? Notre Dame Class?

Not since General MacArthur has a military man been so publicly humiliated. Why in the world can't they just use the phrase "re-assigned" or "a change in strategy" or something that wouldn't look so petty? I thought Obama was trying to make amends with our service men and women and now this. What arrogance. And has Gates always been a liberal or is he just enjoying the extra perks and notoriety that come with the job.

And as far as the photos of torture are concerned:
Does the President really think that a late "re-thinking" of the issue after all the world wide damage has been done will suffice? All of the media, without exception as far as I can tell, is cooing and fawning over how he changed his mind and how this proves what a strong, bold leader he is. He knows he can come off smelling like a rose while the legal system just goes on and does what he had planned all the time and he can bask in the glory of a press conference.

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Added Thursday morning:

My take? Notre Dame has less class (and ethics?) than the State school in Arizona. They were astute enough to opine that the President is only a few weeks into his term and therefore hasn't earned an honorary degree this early in his career.

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