Saturday, May 2, 2009



The guy who was accosted by the CNN reporterette and asked him why he said Obama was a fascist is right! The evidence is in and the proof is here!

Now that Chrysler has been forced by the President to "give" the company to Fiat, put it under the control of the government and the UAW and to shaft the people who have invested in the company over time calling them speculators (and just wait, GM is next) we can only wait and wonder which industry or business he will nationalize next. Yes, I know, Healthcare is a given, but other than that.

My friends who didn't quite believe me during the campaign are now saying, "why didn't you tell us it would be this bad?" The answer is: I honestly didn't know that all of this could have happened in the first 100 days. I thought it would take a couple of years and no joke, I reckoned not at all with the government running two automobile companies and however many banks they'll have at the end of the day.

And does it all matter? The environmentalists are predicting the sea levels at levels high enough to wipe out entire cities in coastal areas, but they won't let nuclear energy be substituted for those terrible fossil fuels. So we'll all go bankrupt trying to pay fuel bills while they try to save little snails, fishes, trees and bushes to name a few. And to what end? Their worst case scenario has everyone dead in about a hundred or so years if we don't do what they say and do it right now! So we leave the world to the insects?

Somehow I don't think that was God's design, so for now we'll just say God bless us all.

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