Monday, May 4, 2009

Waking Up on Monday Morning to:

Share with you if you're too young to remember, memories of Jack Kemp. I hope he's not the last but he is probably one of the last politicians who represented a microcosm of America and was respected, if not loved, even by his opponents. His character, humor and thought process is a huge loss to all of us.

Wonder why Obama and Holder don't see the precedent which will be set if they cooperate with the Spanish judge. How many of us might send money and support to any foreign judge who will bring suit for just about any reason against this administration in a few years?

How many more jobs will be lost when American businesses decide it's not worth it to incorporate in America and use foreign banks, but will just pack up and go abroad to market their services or manufacture their products?

Share with you one more item. As I told you a few months ago there was a fire in our church building. Parishioners were guests at St. Mary's and St. Stan's during this time and we thank them for their hospitality. Yesterday the Bishop re-dedicated our newly built interior and newly decorated church building which was followed by a dinner and an open house and prayer service for the community. This is also our 75th anniversary which we will be celebrating throughout the year. So, thanks, God, for the great weather and our reunion.

Wish you all could have been there..........

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