Thursday, May 21, 2009

Obama in Denial?

I'm quite sure that the psychology field has a name for changing the name of something and hoping it will go away. Something like man-made disasters instead of attacks or war or terror? I can't even remember the euphemism he uses for terrorists--it's hardly related. Now he needs to come up with a new one to identify the "citizen terrorist" meaning home grown, right? When do you suppose they will put out a program with new definitions in it?

Also, if you read comments, a week or so ago someone took me to task for "ranting" about abortion. Well, gee whiz! It's like a knee jerk response for me. Every time I hear the President talk about getting back to our moral values meaning no "torture" for terrorists, this vision appears in my brain: Barak Obama standing in the well of the Illinois Senate chambers speaking in support of the bill that would deny medical procedures to a baby born in spite of the abortion meant to kill, but didn't. The baby and the terrorist. They may be both tortured, but the terrorist lives and the baby dies. And this is a moral position?

I've asked to meet with the other two prominent SOS candidates, but in the meantime let me make a point that usually comes toward the end of a study of the candidates and their positions. Viability or electability. Start thinking about what it takes to wage a statewide campaign. Yes, it takes money, lots of it. It takes dedication. It takes the right positions on the issues. It takes energy. There are other criteria which we will continue to talk about, but even though it used to be a hackneyed word which we don't hear too much any more because we take it for granted, don't forget charisma. The candidate needs to be likeable, approachable and enthusiastic. Nobody's perfect, but we do need to keep score and get as close as we can. And don't forget--the first election is a primary so Republican bona fides are totally necessary.

Have a great week-end. And remember why we have a Memorial Day. God bless..........

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Anonymous said...

I may be the poster who "took you to task." Your response is exactly what I was trying to explain.

Very few people are as pure of thought as you or as pure as the radical pro-choice crowd. So, whenever you all start ranting, the majority of people in the middle of the debate are alienated.

You don't care, but you will never succeed in your cause. Is that really being pro-life if you hurt the effort?

Sorry you took me to be so naive.