Thursday, May 28, 2009

Secretary of State Candidate Interviews

My first interview was with Michelle McManus, the second this evening with Anne Norlander and I should have the answers from Cameron Brown this weekend. That being said I will post the results over the first 2 or 3 days next week.

Some sample questions to look forward to:

Please prioritize the duties of the Secretary of State as you see them.

What does your expertise allow you to do better or revamp present practices?

Is the SOS budget pretty much cast in stone or would you anticipate changes in areas of emphasis?

What do you consider your particular accomplishments?

Let's get to politics: how do you think your candidacy can help the Republican ticket?

Are you in favor of nominating Republican candidates in May at an early State Convention or waiting until August after the gubernatorial primary?

What is your opinion of absentee voting at any age for any reason?

What organizations are your strongest supporters?

Do you think you can raise the money for a credible campaign?

What do you want the voter to know about you on a personal level?

If you could be Queen, or King, for a Day, what would you do?

I hope these questions pique your interest and satisfy the requests you have made.

Thanks again for your input.

Sleep well--and God bless..............

ps-I wasn't familiar with the Meijer case, but will ask the candidates if they are.

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