Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Obama Legacy(s)

The first, or one of the first if he's going for a record, will certainly be the demise of the big three and the nationalization of the American automotive industry. With the possible exception of Ford, but with the UAW running Chrysler and probably GM, it will be tough for Ford to remain competitive.

I know, I know. You probably wish I'd get over it, but I'm taking a lot of Obama's actions personally. He is a dream killer and some of you younger people will never even start the dream because you can see the futility of it all. I'll try not to mention it as frequently, but I can't promise not to go there again.

The other topic tonight is strictly party politics. I'd like to tell you a story about how easy it is to fall in the trap of passing the buck and blaming the other guy. We're seeing it all over the place--seems everyone has a different idea on how to revive the Republican party. Blame Specter, Colin Powell, Olympia Snow, just pick someone out of the headlines. However, my warning will fall on deaf ears as soon as it gets to the leadership--the fat cats throughout the various states and nation and those who make a living at it either in campaign mode or in holding office who think money is the answer to all our problems.

Those folks are so far away from the man and woman on the street it is difficult to fathom how they expect to appeal to them. Years ago the Republicans were known as country club, cigar smoking, rich, fat cats. Over the years we have pretty much succeeded in refuting that premise, but I'm afraid we're not defending ourselves when we are attacked with that and other name calling.

In the early 80s when Jackson County was a part of the old 2nd district, we had a young man running for Congress who decided we should use that label in reverse and we started the Skinny Cats Club. He was elected. I'd like to take a stab at re-activating that mindset and getting back to the basics. Studying issues and having volunteers really get involved rather than being told what they can do to help and keeping the enthusiasm level high are a couple of secrets in a lost art.

I mentioned this briefly when lauding Jack Kemp because he inspired that kind of loyalty and enthusiasm. I can try to remember some of our strategies and share them in the coming days and even though folks aren't inspired to comment much, perhaps you would want to share ideas in this venue. It would be most appreciated. This is a place where there is no power grab nor opportunity for it.

Sleep well--we need our energy. God bless..........

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