Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You Can't Out Brewer Mark Brewer!

As you can see this is being written early in the day, November 3.

Given the comments I have been hearing during the last couple of weeks the Republican State Party is flooding the 19th district with those oversized glossy postcards which are "negative" to say the least. Now Mark Brewer not only has a patent on negative, but he can, and does, go further by being dishonest.

Case in point: he talked constantly about Dick DeVos taking away Michigan jobs and sending them to China. Even after many news items in radio, television and the print media clarified the fact that the statements were untrue, he just kept repeating and repeating and repeating and there are still many, many people in Michigan who believe that Big Lie.

2009 Case in point: he started out talking about Mike Nofs double dipping as far as retirement benefits were concerned and after they were satisfactorily explained, he just kept repeating and repeating and repeating--and guess what? Yesterday I heard a guy on a call in show refer to the THREE pensions he was receiving.

Remember the kid who cried "Wolf?" Well, maybe, just maybe, Brewer will be caught in his own net one of these days and folks will stop believing anything he says since he cries wolf so often and his credibility is shot.

11:00 PM - With a decisive Mike Nofs victory it may be that the kid who cries "wolf" has met his match, but it's probably too much to ask that he might change his tactics. So we'll keep watching him and be prepared for some of the stuff he pulls out of his bag of tricks.

We'll talk more about the meaning of some of this tomorrow.

Let's hope the powers that be realize that the negativity wasn't the deciding factor here. Nice guys can finish first.

God bless.............

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