Sunday, November 29, 2009

Military Morale / Gold Ponzi Scheme?

1-We talked about the morale at the Alamo some time ago but the problem isn't going away. Can you imagine putting your life and limb on the line to fight for the freedom of someone else, as Americans do so well, but how much more difficult that is when you don't feel secure and confident that the American people and the President of the country are supporting you?

He can only be in a win/win situation by supporting the troops. The only people who won't support that action are the extreme left wing voters who have no place else to go. I don't think he can take a chance on an immediate withdrawal, but because of the delay and lives lost because of it he will never get back the support of the military and their supporters. Go figure.

2-Do you get the feeling the Gold market is some kind of Ponzi scheme? Some of the people who have held gold for a long time, buying in at $300 or so are probably selling now, or at least they should be thinking about it. If they wait too long who are they going to sell to when it hits a price so high that no one wants to buy?

Any why is it that advertisers think that if the pitchman or woman speaks with a British accent they have more credibility?

3-Now the Raiders are advertising an interest in the team for sale. How do you think that makes Rush Limbaugh feel? Is there a discrimination suit someplace?

Big speech at West Point Tuesday--
God bless.............

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