Friday, November 20, 2009

Just a Coupla Things-

#1-Heard yesterday that a judge ruled in favor of some folks who are suing the Army Engineers figuring the damage from Katrina was caused by the canals for shipping designed and built by the Engineer Corps. That's all well and good, but since quite a few years have passed since that horrific storm and its ensuing mess and life changing events a lot of FEMA money has been spent to make those folks whole.

My take is this: Any lawsuit resulting in damages and payment by the government for the Engineers should be reduced by the amounts paid by FEMA. As in any court, folks should not expect to profit from that kind of action. Also, there will be many, many more lawsuits now that the precedent has been set. We've already spent a ton of money on an area where the Mayor let school buses sit in parking lots that could have carried people out of the danger zone. Let's not add insult to injury.

#2-I am tired of hearing that it's constitutional to require people to buy insurance because they are required to buy automobile insurance. Whoa! No one is required to buy a car. If they decide to own a vehicle there is am implied acceptance of the need for insurance. Health insurance which is required by the government, however, is an entirely different matter. Buying a car is not mandatory. Buying health insurance under the plans submitted not only require it, folks will be penalized by fines and/or jail time if they don't. That's gotta be the biggest apples/oranges case ever.

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