Monday, November 16, 2009

Random Thoughts---

Following up on last night's education topic-
Watched Off the Record this week and William Mayes is the epitome of a bureaucrat who either can't or won't answer a question directly. Except to excoriate Mike Bishop. Must be some bad blood there for some reason. He talked about how everyone blames everyone else and proceeded to prove it by blaming everyone else.

We all know that most people live up to expectations, especially children. Maybe no one expects much of Mr. Mayes......
Anyway, what kind of leadership waits for someone else to start the parade?

Candidate Obama promised that everyone's health costs would go down by $2500. Heard that lately? Hardly, since new numbers came out today from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services which were in the astronomical range. So now we have the $897 billion figure which kept it below a trillion plus the $210 billion set aside to pay doctors and today we can add $289 billion which the Dems had hoped to hide by pushing the bill through before the figures came out. Now how about the promise that he wouldn't sign a bill that added to the deficit? That should be quite a dance.

Arguments abound on what to call the Ft. Hood killer. Since some want to call him crazy and others want to define him as a terrorist, how about a compromise or splitting the difference by calling him a psycho-terrorist?

A new mini series started tonight on the History channel with film not seen before on WW II. Worth your while to at least tape it and run through it later. Makes one wonder if we would be able to marshal the forces necessary to rise up against that kind of enemy today. I'm sure we would have the manpower to do it--just look at the young men and women we have in a volunteer force, but I'm not at all sure what the leadership in Washington would do. How long would it take to make a military decision? And how long to debate funding levels? And with our small industrial and manufacturing capability, could we even generate the needs of the military?

Makes you wonder--

God bless.........

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