Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 9, 1989 vs The Lowest Common Denominator

In the grand scheme of things that date stands out like a beacon in that which will be more important in another 20 years? The corruption in the Obamacare health bill or the reuniting of a country and the subsequent fall of communism as it was during the Cold War?

We cannot list anything new in the battle for the heart and soul of America that hasn't been said already during this time of the beginning of the takeover of our country by the socialist/marxist factions now occupying the White House and the majority of both Houses of Congress. We will continue to watch and hopefully contribute through our legislators who still look at our Constitution as an important document rather than a barrier to their goals of toppling Capitalism.

I'm not even sure that this will be a quick move to a second world or a third world country at the end of the struggle. Are there enough patriots left who will be willing and able to stop the madness? Or are we already at the point where the 51% of the takers will make lawbreakers of the rest of the citizens who support the whole bunch?

The Democrat lemmings in Congress who wake up every morning and get their marching orders from Obama/Pelosi simply have lost the ability to think for themselves. Mark Schauer sent out an email this morning bragging about doing what he was elected to do--vote for universal health care/socialized medicine. No doubt identical messages were sent from every other Democrat office on the hill with only the names changed to protect the innocent. His vote was "the reason you voted for me" or words to that effect. No way in hell.

Does Mark Schauer truly believe that the people of the 7th district voted to have our freedoms taken away? That we will be happy to have our health care insurance policies scrutinized to see if they "measure up" to what the government wants us to have? That we are willing to have our doctors take less and less money, determined by a Health Czar, until there will not be enough medical students to keep up with the need? And that if we don't pass muster we will gladly pay a fine and extra taxes to make up for it?

And if you think the Stupak Amendment won't be traded away during the negotiations with the Senate I cannot tell you how naive you are. Mr. Obama made a promise to the pro abortionists which will govern that section. Can you really call abortion "healthcare?"

I said I wasn't going to get into that topic, sorry. I could go on all day......
But can't anyone see that we are being brought down to the level of the lowest common denominator? All the elites are in a position to protect themselves while the rest of us are at their mercy by that 51% who can control any election, no matter what their IQ.

Back to what the folks in Europe have gone through because of the loss of their freedoms. The part that scares me and should scare others is that those people lived through their own persecution. In the United States we have always had freedom and the losses will be visited on our children.

Will the Boomers, Generation Xrs and their kids know what they have lost since their experiences will be limited and the history books have been watered down and actually revised so they won't know what happened through the years? How many countries actually believe the Holocaust never happened? Even seeing photos is no guarantee any more since this generation is growing up with Photo Shop and the ability to lie with impunity.

Enough! Freedom has been bought and paid for by the blood of sons and daughters through the years and right now by our brothers/ sisters and children. PLEASE! Do not let it be in vain--

God bless........

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Bruce said...

"Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"
Those words spoken by the Greatest President of the 20th century, Ronald Reagan, started the revolt that led to freedom for 10's of millions of enslaved people behind that wall.
The people living behind that wall had been yearning to breathe free for decades under the iron fist of a string of socialist leaders that used government planning to control the lives of their subjects to the nth degree.
Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul 2nd made the tough decisions that freed those people, all without firing a shot!