Sunday, November 22, 2009

Unionize Politicians???

Well, why not. If the Michigan idea catches on, and each politician gets just one dollar from someone who is on public assistance, shouldn't they have to be forced to join a union like the Michigan day care providers?

Most recent take over of private industry by the unions, bureaucrats and politicians: the air and rail industries led to the slaughter by the National Mediation Board by the two new Obama appointees who wrote a rule indicating that union votes will be detrmined by a simple majority of those voting, not the entire membership of the Pilots and Flight Attendants. This was precipitated because Delta was not unionized and Northwest was so that merger needed to be "taken care of" for the unions.

Without a hearing or ivitation for preliminary views, the Obama pair drafted the AFL-CIO demand and published it in the Federal Register. There is a 60 day window for comments after which they will vote to confirm their action. This is unprecedented in over 75 years during which many times there was a Democrat majority. No one has acted in such manner before.

Now we have GM and Chrysler run by unions, all government employees from local to national are union members, if Michigan has its way as we said last night it will soon include everyone who takes even a dollar from anyone on public assistance. Doctors, lawyers, volunteer organizations--why not politicians? Can't you just see a union meeting with all those politicians fighting for control of that body?

SEIU is international. Wonder who will be next....

Do you suppose Oprah is considering a run for office? Would she be willing to start with Congress or would she make the leap for President right away? Heck, she has a lot more business and managerial experience than Obama had and she already has a built in fan club to do her bidding.

Is this the end of last week or the beginning of this week? Which is worse?

God bless............

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