Friday, November 13, 2009

Town Hall Question Suggestions

From Nov. 12 blog:
#1-Qualified plans, Section 202
#2-Sign without reading? Section 224
From Nov. 11:
#3-Advance Payment-Refund?
#4-Pelosi Christmas "gift" requires recipient to pay
#5-Taking $500 billion plus Medicare Advantage with no increase in doctors will necessarily lead to rationing. How can anyone deny that? (Section ll61)
#6-How can we keep our own doctors if we are forced to join Home health groups?
#7-Seniors were forced into Medicare at age 65-having learned to live with it and pay extra for "Medigap" are now said to say we are all very happy with it. The question should be "if we had it to do over again without force, would we?" Give us that choice, please.
#8-How many AARP members have quit due to their political positions? Did they do a survey?
#9-Will you sponsor a bill requiring Congress and the administration to have the same coverage you want us to have?
#10-The AMA represents about 10% of the doctors. What is the percentage of the nurses represented in your group?
#11How can you justify spending nearly a trillion dollars and still have 20 million people uninsured and forcing those already covered to change their coverage?
#12-Please address how a bill plus a separate arrangement to pay doctors adding up to over a trillion dollars won't cost anything or add to the deficit?
added Saturday
#13What is the rationale which gives preference to hospitals that are unionized in giving funds for improvements and programs?
#14-Since Obama has a precise number encompassing "fraud and waste" why is he not doing something about it now rather than waiting for a bill?

And the ONLY reason Voice of the People letters might call Schauer courageous or brave in voting for the bill is an admission that he voted against the wishes of his constituents--else why would it take courage?

Please make notes of these questions and add your own to share with folks at the Town Hall meeting Saturday afternoon at the Lily Baptist Mission.

God bless................

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