Monday, November 2, 2009

Don't forget to vote!

Today has been a day evenly divided between physical fitness in the pool, spiritual fitness--All Souls Day--making some GOTV calls plus the necessary cooking, etc. Not much telvision or reading involved so no really special messages for the day.

Just a very serious admonition to do your civic duty no matter how tough it might be to make decisions on millages in particular. Jackson Public Schools are toughing it out and there's a millage that got the Republicans in Washtenaw County all riled up to the point where they are actively opposing it. That is always a very tough call.

As is usual I receive a few calls from folks who want my opinion or just general information about candidates or issues. Tonight was no exception. The question had to do with endorsements. This is always difficult for folks who are not actively working for a campaign and don't realize that a candidate can be endorsed by an organization or PAC with whom he/she doesn't always agree. Sometimes there is one issue which is commonly agreed upon and they are endorsed without having asked for it. There's no way to come out ahead if you agree with that one point but try to refuse an endorsement. It just gets really sticky. Suffice to say that a good candidate who has a good conscience and good ethics cannot be bought by an endorsement.

So, as I said in my Get Out The Vote calls: This is just a quick call to remind you to vote tomorrow and ask that you make voting for Mike Nofs a high priority. Thanks.

Hope you do the same if you live in the 19th district--
God bless..............

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