Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remember the Alamo? Update: Remember Afghanistan!

Wouldn't you think that with modern communications that our troops wouldn't have to go through the same experience as Davy Crockett and the rest of those guys waiting for the cavalry way back when? The guys busting their chops in Afghanistan are in the same position and don't have a clue if their call for help will be heeded or not. Go figure........

Mark Schauer is apparently going to try to explain his vote for the health care bill in Town Hall settings to his constituents. Questions we would like to have answered:

Since I have to start paying before the plan goes into effect, what happens if I die before it does? Will my estate be paid back? Sounds ridiculous? So does most of that bill.

How about what could possibly be the reason that I could be fined if I do not have the "right" type of insurance or even any at all and if I don't meet the government criteria I can be jailed?

His leader says this is Congress' Christmas present to the country. Does he always give presents that have to be paid for by someone else?

What makes him think that he can take $500 billion from Medicare and taking Medicare Advantage away from the 10.2 million folks who depend on it after being offered the plan by the government that they can depend on equal coverage by a public option? Taking away that much funding will ultimately result in rationing of services is a reason to vote for the bill?

There are so many questions that he didn't listen to before the vote was taken. What makes him think that anything has changed? His constituents still want those answers. This is an insult and a slap in the face to all of us. As Charlie Brown would say, "Good grief!"

God bless........
We certainly need it--

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