Wednesday, November 4, 2009

There's Just No Time to Rest--

You've heard every race in the country analyzed and psychoanalyzed so we're not going to do that because guess what?

Nothing has really changed. All politics is local when it comes to putting together campaigns, working together to win seats and elections and being sure our candidates are the good guys.

Nancy Pelosi is still going to call for a vote within the next couple of days so she can fly her 757 back home where she can impress all those people who don't know any better than to vote for her over and over and over again. I'm thinking we should boycott San Francisco since those people are really making life tough for the rest of us. Oh, well-we have better things to do with out time and money.

There is exactly one year until the next election when we will be electing a new Congressman, new State Representatives in the 64th and 65th districts and re-elect Mike Nofs to the State Senate. So if you think we can sit back for a few days, think again.

We're going to have to work on that Catholic thing again since Planned Parenthood is appealing to the renegade Catholics to support abortion funding in the health care bills by suggesting they should get in touch with their Bishops to influence them to approve it as it stands. We have too many wayward parishioners who will do just that and too many clergy who will listen to them.

Tomorrow I will share with you a letter written to the "Sunday Visitor" on the issue of the positions of the Bishops relative to their leadership and shepherding of their flocks.

Let's get ready to rumble--
if that's what it takes-

God bless............

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