Sunday, November 1, 2009

Senior Citizens are NOT Stupid

One of the first things I saw this morning was a new ad in support of the Senate Health Care bill. The entire 30 seconds is done in "darkness" with some profiles and some full face.

The scene at the beginning is of an older man carrying what appear to be the last few boxes from a home or apartment down a long hallway.

The second scene is of him unpacking a box, unwrapping a photo and placing it on a shelf.

The third scene is the back of the man sitting at the bedside of an older woman who turns her head and smiles very gently.

The entire sequence has no dialogue. The tagline is white on black with the message of "You shouldn't have to lose everything just because you have no health care insurance." (That's not exactly a quote, but a close proximity.) Call your Senator and tell him to vote for the bill.

Some seniors depending on their politics may agree, but whoever developed the ad reckoned without the common sense reaction of the vast majority of folks who already have insurance but are looking at a bleak future where care will be rationed, we will be taxed more and premiums will be raised in a combination to be sure that we all pay for the uninsured.

We used to talk about the "sandwich generation" who are helping their parents at the same time that their kids need help with college. We need to expand that to include helping parents with health care costs and at the same time being sure their adult children are covered adequately before they and all of us will be penalized and fined if we are not able to afford the level of coverage that the government says we have to have.

This used to be a nation of optimists but now we are faced with just being able to make ends meet due to increased cost of government programs and trying to figure out what went wrong that we are leaving a real mess for kids and grandkids.

If you don't see the danger in printing money, just look at the price of gasoline. Supplies are up, but because the value of the dollar is down and the cost of crude oil is predicated on the dollar, we are already seeing what is only going to get worse.

Don't forget to vote Tuesday--
God bless............

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