Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obama said: "No one is more disapppointed than I at Unemployment Numbers" - Oh, yeah?!

That man has to be a lot more careful when he speaks without a speech writer's words on a teleprompter. Worked at a local food pantry today and I can tell you that everyone I served is more disappointed than the President. Now multiply that by whatever factor necessary to represent the millions still out of work.

After watching the first six hours of the WW II newly found film with one hour remaining on the History Channel this week I can't help wondering whether the President and First Lady have been able to garner just a little pride in this country. Didn't hear any comments after their trip to Europe for the D-Day commemoration. Also haven't heard anything since the events surrounding Veteran's Day last week.

Did hear a story from a journalist who visited the grave of a friend at Arlington and who described the view as a "Garden of Stones." Very poetic and heart rending. He also said that Obama came over to him, said a few words and left by telling him something like "even a journalist has a right to grieve." What do you suppose he meant by that?

All of this traveling around and visiting the big wigs of the world while Holder is floating the most God-awful trial balloon ever. If he tries to convince the public that it was all done on his own and the Prez knew nothing about it, someone other than Joe Wilson is going to rise up and call them liars.

Last but not least, with the national debt growing exponentially and expected to double in 5 years and triple in 10 years, as Greg O'Connor is known to say, who is going to "Stop the madness!" And they aren't even counting the unfunded liability from Social Security which stood at $9 trillion back in 2002. Don't forget to add that in. Good grief!

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