Thursday, November 5, 2009

AARP - Doing It Again - Self Inflicted Road to Hell

A senior citizen called the office today after having received a cold call, she is not a member of the AARP, informing her that AARP has endorsed the Pelosi Health Care bill and should she have any questions, she should call the 800 number which followed.

Since she does not support the bill she called to tell them so and to ask to be taken from their calling list. It turned out to be an automated call which thanked her for her support of their position and that her vote had been tabulated.

This is going too far. We are going to supply her with a number where she can talk to a "real, live person" so she can voice her objections to their methods.

You would have thought that they had learned their lesson back in the HillaryCare days, wouldn't you? Since the present bill will take away Medicare Advantage from a huge number of seniors plus giving the rest of us rationed care and increased costs I can't imagine any of their members supporting the measure.

I will also call them tomorrow with just that question and report back to you tomorrow.

I'm rethinking the "Catholic thing" since it's just about the same as health care--
The behemoth called the Catholic Church is like a battle ship--it's just too big to turn around without the realization that by the time it could be accomplished the problem has either been solved or been cast in stone. Is it even worth the effort? How can we change something that doesn't think there is anything wrong and they rather enjoy their power and watching people squirm in frustration.

Opinions, anyone?
God bless...........

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