Sunday, November 15, 2009

Education is Basic, Right?

So why are we worried about whether or not to send more troops to Afghanistan? Just make a list of pros and cons and like Nike says "JUST DO IT!"

As long as people are getting health care whether in the ER or the clinic, let it go until the BASIC problem is solved. JUST GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

Illegals have been coming across the border for twenty years--so send them home or let them stay, but GET ON WITH IT until the BASIC problem is solved.

The economy? Do what Clinton did--just get out of the way and let tax cuts do the job-NOW!

Any other problem lower on the priority list? Give it a band aid until we take care of the most BASIC problem we have:

Fix our Schools!!!!

Not many of Obama's nominations have been stellar, but one does stand out. Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education. It appears that he knows what it will take to give the next generation the tools they need to become productive, competitive citizens.

He, Newt Gingrich and of all people, Al Sharpton, have been visiting different types of schools and really working at figuring out what needs to be done. Unqualified teachers need to be sent packing no matter what the unions say, good teachers need to be rewarded, parents need to care enough to get their kids to school on time every day and politicians need to quit paying lip service for votes. And instead of program cuts for the kids all the administrators and teachers together need to take a pay cut until the crisis is over.

Can you believe that Al Sharpton didn't know about the atrocious drop out rates at inner city schools? Has he been living in a cave? How many more people just dont know and don't give a darn? If you live in a rich district barriers must not be erected to create second class and third class schools.

Do you really believe that this country can survive and be world class leaders without a cooperative venture encompassing the entire country including all those intellectual types in their ivory towers. Come on down! Get with the program! Help develop the program!

The old cliche of giving a man a supply of fish for food vs giving him food for a day and a fishing pole still holds true. We need to teach them how to use their fishing poles whether they be computers or welding torches.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, but we really do need to come to agreement on this basic need. Drugs and violence are two components which should not be prevalent in and around schools.

Read everything you can get your hands on. Attend school board meetings even if you are senior citizens and your grandkids live 2000 miles away and go to a private school. Bombard your State and Federal Representatives and Senators plus Governors and the President with information and demand action.

Government is only there to do those things we cannot do for ourselves or cannot do as well. Defense and transportation come to mind, but education is still the closest to the people and we need to accept the responsibility.

God bless..........

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