Thursday, November 26, 2009

Co-Presidents for a Change?

Do you suppose the "change" coming from this administration as promised is a way to move us into having a duo in the White House?

One who will make all the public appearances, call press conferences, flit around the country on Air Force I? Who can have a bag packed and ready to travel to Cincinnati to see 25 policemen get jobs with stimulus funds, thence to California for a fund raiser, followed by a jaunt to Copenhagen to get the Olympics for Chicago with destinations like Detroit and Denver thrown into the mix and don't forget the patriotic stuff like Normandy Beach with the family.

Commentaries on the stupidity of the police and a public sit down at the White House to "fix" the racist problems in Cambridge? And on and on and on. 'Cuz he really does like to go anyplace far enough away to use Air Force I. He really likes that airplane.

Michelle's staff of 26 can coordinate their activities so the celebrity status is becoming more and more entrenched. How about that State Dinner for the PM of India? How many Indian ladies did it take weeks to make that dress for Michelle? Never did hear the price, just that it took a long time for an entire team of workers.

With all of these public appearances it's no wonder he hasn't had time to deal with Afghanistan plus making a rotten decision about the Gitmo detainee trials in New York and leaving Holder holding the bag and taking the brunt of that kick in the teeth of those who lost family members and friends on 9/11. The rest of the country certainly empathizes with them. Only the lawyers think it's a good thing.

All these trips take up a lot of time so we need someone to mind the store while he is doing his celebrity thing in front of a camera.

We need someone who doesn't care about self-aggrandizement, but whose serious demeanor means that the business of the country can be first and highest priority. If it didn't cost so much it might be an idea we could support. When do you think those kids will settle down?

Hope your Thanksgiving was memorable.
God bless...........

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