Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Difficult Thanksgiving in the Offing

This is going to be a very difficult holiday this year. Of course, we will be deeply thankful for our family, friends, health and a job if we have one, but it is also a time for very serious introspection. It's beginning to feel like there is someone very close who is terminally ill and by next week we will be enveloped in that feeling of devastation when there is a death in the family. Our country is on life support.

It will be doubly difficult to survive the feelings of loss of freedoms and an uncertain future. Why?

The First Amendment is under attack. The ACLU and atheists in general continue their unrelenting assault on our freedom of religion. It seems to be getting worse every year. A climate of fear permeates our schools so our kids are growing up thinking their belief systems are something to be ashamed of and if defended they will be made to feel like criminals.

The freedom of speech which has been the shining beacon of this country when others have been silenced is being targeted by our own government when employees of the EPA are not allowed to voice their opinions even though they identified themselves as speaking for themselves only and not the department or the administration.

Net neutrality is in the process of attempting to neutralize the conservative voices on the airwaves or internet simply because the opposing viewpoint is not popular enough to generate revenue to support them. They already have NPR and other units supported by public funds, but they want to get rid of the opposing voices completely. Commercial viability doesn't interest them--they just want to get rid of the opposition.

The health care bills put forth by the Democrats are going to destroy a way of life for so many of us. Shouldn't they be able to take care of the waste and fraud on the one hand and take care of the 20 million truly needy folks without the means to get care on the other? Surely they can do that without taxing companies and individuals to the point of more job loss and prolonging the recession.

How can anyone who should be representing their constituents instead represent the PACs and huge money machines they owe for their elections sleep at night? America will be bankrupt and carrying trillions and trillions of dollars of debt for as long as we can imagine. Have you no shame, Mr. Schauer? $24 trillion by 2020 plus at least an equal amount in unfunded liabilities will make this less than a third world country and all the socialists will be happy. How can that be? What is wrong with this entire picture?

Pray, pray, pray--
God bless.............

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