Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Automobiles, Education and Nothing Makes Sense Any More

Sunday we addressed some basic problems starting with education.

Now it seems as though we're being served up another curve ball.

Up front I admit that there is always the problem that we are talking about friends and neighbors all across the state when we criticize the auto companies. In Jackson we even have to be careful about criticizing Consumers Energy. But darn it! Sometimes you just have to speak out.

Personal opinion: never really cottoned up to Chrysler products. Don't know why, just didn't. Dad always drove Fords, but husband's first job was with GM so that was the preferred brand for many, many years. After leaving GM we did throw a couple of Fords into the mix. Absolutely loved that Focus! It could read my mind...

Now we had pretty much decided to go with Ford in the future since we didn't want to buy a product made and controlled by the government and union members. But now the union has control in a different area so I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Guess what? The Ford Foundation is going to give $100 million to "transform secondary education." Long story short, they think the way to do that is to give their first grant to the "new American Federation of Teachers Innovation Fund." It's not going to any of the successful and innovative charter schools, vouchers, merit pay or even KIPP, Knowledge is Power Program. This will certainly help ensure that teachers from the worst to the best will all keep their jobs. They think testing is a "blunt" and inadequate tool to gauge student learning.


It's a shame that the only way the public can speak to companies whose public policy appears to be disagreeable to a customer is to ignore their product and just leave it on the shelf or the showroom. Only problem? How do I still Buy American? Foreign cars may be built here but the profits go back to the country of origin.

Woe is me--
As always, God bless..........

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