Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gangs of America/Rare Earth Metals Political Influence

Methinks I owe you an apology. For not having told you I have been writing a book for my kids. September, October and November have been pretty much taken up by that little effort and I'm about 80% there. It probably won't be ready for them by Christmas, but I want to have it ready for print by then.

For that reason I have not put as much time in on the blog as far as research is concerned on the above two subjects. Made a good start on them, but haven't found the time to bring us up to date since first mentioned. There are a few of those topics in the archives and I promise that after the first of the year I will finish the promised Index and try to add to some of the research.

It seems as though we are treading water on some of the political subject matter. Much of the same old, same old. We can't just put them on the back burner, but there really isn't much new until the debate starts and we know what the administration and bureaucrats are planning.

One more item needs to put front and center: Michigan's education problems. Our Thanksgiving dinner table conversation and the after dinner conversation of about an hour and a half was devoted to this subject and one of my kids and his family is a veritable sea of information. We'll go into that as well. Question: Which candidate--gubernatorial, Atty Gen or SOS do you think comes the closest to having some answers on education? If we can't get them talking about it and coming up with ideas and goals, we won't accomplish much.

It's time to light some fires. By the way, have you seen the 7th District Players skit which we put on in front of Mark Schauer's office? It's a bit embarrassing, but we are hoping that you're laughing with, not at, us. It's one way to keep the topics front and center in the mind of the public and voters, if not Cong. Schauer.

Hope your Sunday is relaxing--
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