Friday, March 13, 2009

You Gotta See This!

Take a minute to check this out: Obama presenting stimulus package in Dobson, Arizona.

Note on Cascade Engineering and the windpower turbine: called their number and it is answered by a recording directing the caller to the website or in the alternative, leaving a telephone number so they can "call you right back." Tried it twice, 4 hours apart just in case the phone was temporarily unmanned. As it turned out to be. Shortly after posting this I received a call back.

A very nice young lady indicdated that the 3 year payback was predicated on a 30% tax return on the federal level, an $8500 price tag, high usage and high wind area.
There are states where there are also incentives which lessens the "payback" time. I guess I would consider that a subsidy, but I'm not sure just what the formula might be to activate it. (At the present time there are no incentives by the State of Michigan in place.) She also mentioned a website called "Desire" which would have more information. Haven't looked at it as yet.

Apparently the installation is not too sophisticated. Dealers who have installers with electronic and construction backgrounds can train their staff in two days. So there you have it. Someplace between 41.66 and 3 years plus maintenance and interest costs appears to be what we're looking at. So if you are independently wealthy and feeling really patriotic or are young enough and plan to stay in the same area for a long time, I'd say "go for it" Like chicken soup, couldn't hurt, might help.

Try the blog-it's worth the effort.

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