Sunday, March 8, 2009

Holocaust References

Three sources reminded me of the holocaust this weekend. Watched a show wherein some children were exposed to the story of a survivor from Hungary who ended up in Auschwitz and reading a biography where the only mention made of the war years was a 6 sentence paragraph followed by a 2 sentence wrap-up. One of the memorable quotes was that of a German soldier who said "the only out of Auschwitz for you Jews is through the chimneys." Grotesque. And the other author gave it such short shrift. Go figure.

There is a connection here. The other reminder was a reference to Rahm Emmanuel's father who fought with the Israelis and the sequence of events that led to that opportunity if you can call it that.

I ended up dwelling on Rahm Emmanuel's "never waste a good crisis" remark and the extreme partisanship of the White House even though Obama purports to want to reach across the aisle. In your dreams.... With an extremist like Emmanuel in charge it's not a great leap to figure that he is of the mindset that if you "repeat a lie often enough it will be believed" because that was the method used to make so many Europeans believe that extermination of Jews was a good thing back in the thirties.

So he can throw out stuff like Rush Limbaugh being the Republican leader and it will be believed by many, many people. And he can toss around ideas like the Republicans want to privatize Social Security ad nauseum. Just pick a subject and figure out a way for him to manipulate the masses to keep giving Obama high approval numbers all the while they are looking for a job or a place to live.

I really don't think we can be too careful about looking for examples of the Democrats planting seeds of distrust and outright lies and we need to share them so we can let folks know when we find them. It is so sad to see Obama sending messages of doom and gloom and all the other distractions from his true agenda.

Have a good week.......

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