Monday, March 16, 2009

Mean Old Democrats!

Mr. Gibbs never seems to miss an opportunity to insult Republicans, does he? That crack about Rush being busy and sending Cheney in his place went over like a lead balloon when we heard it on the same segment when we also heard about Mrs. Cheney being admitted to a hospital. And they want someone to reach across the aisle.

Looks like even the people who have representation are having tea parties.

The costs of green seem to be going up and up and up. Read about a 109 ton 18 wheeler which can carry a 47 ton boom to get to the transformers on the really big windmills. More gazillions of dollars and guess who will get the bill? (Eighteen 4.5 ft wide tires!)

To get to the real business of the day we need to lay a little foundation. Of my kids there were two U of M grads, one started at Alma and finished at Eastern, and the other graduated from Western. Then that one rec'd Masters from State, two from Oklahoma and one from Stanford with one wife at U of M and one at Central Michigan.
So you can see that it all depends on who is playing at the time. (I do sorta resent the WSJ saying that U of M was over-seeded and State under-seeded, but them's the breaks.)

So for now, I say Go Blue, Go Green. The rest of you guys can have heart attacks.

God bless and have fun watching.........

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