Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Charm is Wearing Thin--

After watching State pull out their game this evening we found ourselves watching an interview with the President on 60 Minutes.

Afghanistan will be easier to take care of because the people are better educated. Yes, he said that. Really? Wonder who told him that.

It's really a bad thing for us to hold prisoners at Gitmo. Well, we've talked about this before and I'll repeat it as often as I have to. If our military troops have a choice, and they will have a choice, do you think they will go to the trouble of taking a prisoner who will be read their Miranda rights, etc., etc., etc. or will they just figure that "movement" was an attempt to escape and shoot first and ask questions later? Visualize this-I'm sitting here just shaking my head back and forth and back and forth and.........(Steve Croft mentioned the guy they released who busied himself by training new terrorist recruits with not so much as a raised eyebrow.)

In less than 2 minutes as Obama was talking he found himself laughing alone 5 times by my count--finally getting to the point where Croft actually commented on the fact that folks might wonder what he thought was amusing and he referred to the need of a little "gallows humor" now and then. Really?

There has to be a word to describe what is happening as far as all the crises are concerned. In other words, like immunizations where a little bit of a problem is administered bit by bit until a tolerance is built up and pretty soon there is an immunity. Have we been getting bad news on a daily (of more often) basis which all of a sudden we find is normal? It's like watching the horrors of war on the television news night after niight until finally we became immune to what was happening. It became a "normal" thing.

And we see photos of starving babies, children, mothers and old people in Africa until that doesn't affect us on day 30 as it did on day 3. I just have this gut feeling that Rahm Emmanuel (nobody every called him stupid) figures that one of these days we will consider all the bad news normal and when things finally level off as cyclical problems always do, we will be grateful to anyone who keeps telling us that he has solved the problem and he will continue to take care of us.

Not gonna happen this time. If he thinks the Afghan people are smart, he is reckoning without giving the American public credit for what they intuitively know when they see the evidence. We may not have the sly and cunning behavior of some of the crooks in the world, but we can figure it out and face things with honesty when the time comes.

Have a good week--

God bless...........

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