Thursday, March 5, 2009

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Be sure to check out the Schauer clip which follows this entry--hilarious!

Not much has changed: Congress is holding back DC kids from vouchers so they get a second rate education while the legislators' and President's kids get high priced private schools........

Biden goes to Florida to hobnob with the bigwigs from the unions while the rank and file stand in the unemployment line and give me a break--they still expect the hourly workers to plead with Congress to pass the bill taking away a secret vote?

Does everyone have the feeling that as Hillary jets around the mid-East making nice with Iran and their friends that the rest of the world is being reminded of the weak foreign policy of the Clinton administration which is being carried forward by the Obama "Clinton-lite" White House?

I am sick of hearing politicians say "America wants" or "the people want" when in fact they haven't a clue what the people want. They just keep repeating the mantra so folks will think they are being represented.

Remember when we talked about one of the reasons women stayed home was because their first dollar was taxed at the rate of their husband's last dollar? At some time which is probably not too far away, the "rich" will realize that their higher tax rates put them in a category where they will be better off working just a little less by taking one less contract or working x number fewer billable hours or whatever it takes for them to figure they aren't being taken advantage of.

One more point on the "rich." I never believed people like Gore, Biden, Kerry, etc. and other presidential candidates who said they didn't itemize their contributions because they wanted to remain anonymous. Really, they just weren't very astute taxwise. If you itemize your charitable deductions, the dollars saved in tax can be used to give just that much more. As Judge Judy says, if it doesn't make sense, it's not true. It just doesn't make sense to penalize those who are givers rather than takers in our society.

Sam Brownback should be ashamed. With all the help and respect he has received from the pro life groups he is sticking his thumb in their collective eyes by supporting Sebelius. Bah! Humbug!

Heard someone say today say it's not right to pay taxes on taxes. So what else is new? This has been going on forever. We could have a contest counting examples.

God bless...........

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