Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Same Old, Same Old

Couldn't just about anyone write Obama's speeches? Just the same tired old rhetoric.

How do you figure to balance a budget by adding universal health care and free education through 16 years (he really wants 18 but someone's going to have to make the choice between 2 yrs of pre-school or 2 extra years for the 4 yr degree?)

And when is he going to realize he is known by the company he keeps? I guess since there are no dissenting voices arguing with those who proclaim his brilliance we will accept it. However, my mom used to tell me two things: 1) It's one thing to be smart, but it's better to have some common sense to go along with it. And 2) you are known by the company you keep--if you hang out with kids who skip school, cheat, smoke and drink people will assume that you do those things as well. (Yes, I know those bad things seem tame and are from the dark ages, but I didn't even know what an STD was nor did I like the taste of booze or cigarettes.)

Who does he hang out with that I think are pulling him down to their levels?

Start with Nancy Pelosi-that woman just doesn't get it. She doesn't have the intellect to understand the concepts or theories of whatever she decides to talk about and puh-leeze don't believe a word she says about the Catholic Church just because she says she practices her faith. And oh, yeah, she thinks it's unAmerican to enforce the immigration laws.

Next, let's go with Barney Frank and to kill two birds with one stone, throw in Chris Dodd. The Countryside kids who were so adamant about putting folks who couldn't afford to own a home in one anyway--sometimes they went into the bank for financing empty handed and went out with money in their pockets. How's that for kick starting the economic slide?

And how about the list of Cabinet picks who cheat on their taxes, are being investigated for any number of offenses plus the one from Arizona who now has to talk like she wants the borders protected but is on record as a supporter of amnesty?

And if you happen to be Catholic, a letter to the President of Notre Dame is in order since he has seen fit to choose the President as a Commencement speaker while his Bishop says in that case he will not attend. You gotta wonder about these "really smart" people, right?

God bless........we need it

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RightMichigan.com said...

Look on the bright side... they're giving everyone plenty to talk about. :/