Thursday, March 26, 2009

Emoticons or Decepticons? Which came first?

Someone sent me a cute little program you can upload so you can have sound effects, cutesy little things floating around your emails, etc. And when I saw the title, there it was to remind me of the chicken and the egg so tell me, which came first?

I guess you can tell I'm in the middle of the silly season. It seems that we just keep going around in circles. As noted last evening it just seems like the same old message using different attitudes or words. Since when is spending an investment? I think my dad would be winding up a little parable about not being confused with pretty words--always consider the source. If the guy cheats on his taxes, he no doubt is generally dishonest. And again, from last night, if Obama surrounds himself with cheats it must be because he is drawn to them because of a common value system or whatever it is that makes birds of a feather flock together.

This whole tax and spend thing appears to be worse than I thought possible. Truly, I expected that people would see through the scam and it would keep them from trying too much too soon.

I also thought that at the very least Rahm Emmanuel would be prudent in trying to push through too much too soon. He was in the Clinton administration when Bill thought he had a mandate so tried for HillaryCare, Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and most of his other programs and tried to ram them through right away. Result: the Contract with America and a Republican majority. i figured Rahm had "gone to school on his own putt" rather than have to wait for someone else and would ease into some of this stuff so the conservatives wouldn't have enough time to figure it out and put up some good candidates in 2010. Looks like the golf analogy doesn't fit Rahm.

Do you think Arlen Specter's position on Card Check is enough to save him a primary next year? Enough for now.

God bless...........

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