Monday, March 2, 2009


It really doesn't matter whether the beginning of the bear market was a comspiracy by Obama's big money friends like Soros, Buffett and Gates to get him elected. It got the market rolling downhill and now it is going faster and faster and faster.
It could be also that once it started it became out of control and the end result is that no one knows what to do now.

The golden tones of the President have had no effect whatsoever, but ever the opportunist he is making the most of the situation. Are you reminded of the shell game where the guy keeps things moving so fast you lose sight of the walnut or cup with the pea or whatever is under it? Magicians use distraction so their sleight of hand is not detected and now Obama is using it to cover the extreme liberals in his administration while he pursues his liberal targets of socialized medicine and the nationalization of certain businesses plus moving abortion into the infanticide column as he moved the issue in Illinois.

Now we hear the AG Holder has promised the crooks coming from Mexico that federal raids on marijuana medical dispensaries are being curtailed. Even the Mexican government is having a hissy fit over that one. After the gangland stuff we talked about last night it looks like Holder is playing right into their hands and taking us right along with them.

And all the while he talks about reaching across party lines........ Does he still have most of us mesmerized? We can only hope and pray not.

Sleep well if you can........(22% of the population admits to being so worried about the economy that they are loosing sleep.)

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