Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Word? Advertorial

A supplement to the National Geographic this month was put together by Frito-Lay which is the best news in a long time. Evidence that the kinds of alternative energy sources which have real potential will be funded by the private sector, not subsidized by the Al Gore types messing around through governmental agencies and politics.

The "Advertorial" indicated they are using mirrored troughs to maximize solar power to power some of their facilities. The solar energy is focused on water-filled pipes which run through the center of each mirrored panel. This particular system in Modesto, California is designed to make 11.7 billion BTU of steam each year--enough to power their SunChips Line.

And from another section of the supplement: "these plants concentrate sunlight with mirrors to heat a fluid to generate steam, which then drives a turbine that can supply electricity to multiple, high-demand users at prices that are set to rival conventional energy sources. And unlike home systems, solar-thermal plants can store heat energy without using lead batteries."

My promise: To share with you any other facts not covered by the media or the global warming folks who are looking for a hand-out from the government.

See you tomorrow and

God bless...........

ps-I've never had anyone wish for my demise before, so I guess I should post a disclaimer such as: it is not my intent to offend anyone particularly to the point of violence whether in thought or deed. I guess I should do this once a month?

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