Sunday, March 1, 2009

Addendum on Gangs

Watched more Gangland on the History Channel that was taped a couple of weeks ago and was horrified to see that the gang members are joining the military partly as a way to learn methods of using weapons, stealth and ways to hone their "craft." There were photos of the gangland graffiti taken in Baghdad that were duplicates of what can be found in Los Angeles.

One thought: they are even worse than the Mafia. Their "families" exist for the pleasure, pure and simple, of doing violence to innocents. And they take innocents as young as 11 years old and train them to kill with no remorse--to take pleasure in inflicting pain and killing is a by-product. At least the Godfathers had a soft spot for family members, relatives and neighbors, and children. These ________, you fill in the blank, have nothing which could conceivably redeem their actions.

This is mindful of the parable of casting out demons and healing which and Jesus said could only happen through prayer. Let's not forget the proverb-pray as though everything depends on God and work as though everything depends on you. It's going to take everything we have to stop this activity.

Speaking of parables I'm beginning to think that the only way we can get the message through to the public who consider Obama a messiah is to talk in parables. We need to demonstrate what will be the future of our children and future generations if he is successful in bringing about a government which controls the people the way we are headed. We should be telling stories which show that future generations will do the kinds of jobs the government deems appropriate for each individual and where no one will be able to start a business doing what one loves because if it's successful the tax will destroy it.

Let's start using our imaginations to educate others.

God bless........

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