Friday, March 27, 2009

Big Old Blame Game!

So now it's our fault, according to Hillary and her boss, that there is violence on the border with Mexico.

And today the Boss proclaimed our guilt in the problems in Afghanistan............

Gee, and I thought the Catholics were the best at the guilt trip stuff.

See ya later--

Back again-After the Prez talked about all the civilian workers needed in Afghanistan this thought occurs: is that how he is going to add to the count of added or saved jobs? More goovernment spending or should I say, investments?

And another thing: I'm getting tired of the commentators saying that the market is up X%, X% of what? When it kept going down and down and down, it sure was going to have big percentage increases when it started to move, right? The smaller the number, the less it takes to go up in double digits!

And how about this Reconciliation ploy by Harry Reid? If they go that route, we will really have a taxation issue to complain about at the Tea Parties. Don't forget, Jackson's is at 6:00 PM, April 15th at the Under the Oaks Park at 2nd and Franklin.

God bless............

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