Monday, March 30, 2009

Carpetbagger for Secretary of State?

Remember this name: Jacelyn Benson, the lady who had a rumor started so that she could talk about it. (The one about not allowing a vote if in foreclosure.) Since this kind of activity has started before we're even close to an election shows me she will be a formidable candidate. She needs to pick up the endorsements of the rank and file precinct delegates who will attend the Democrat State Convention next year where they will pick the candidates. And she will stop at nothing.

Caught her on last week's Off the Record and as far as I know she hasn't held public office, (don't know about running for anything.) But she sure has the patter and obfuscation down pat. She skirts answering a question with the best of the best and I've heard a lot of them from Obama on down. And one more thing: she uses something I think she called "data determining decisions." Just the facts, ma'am.

The only problem I see is that she has actually pledged an impartial office and campaign which means the rest of the Dems are not going to be happy with that. They usually run as a team, but she was adamant. Well, we'll see when it comes time for the unions to tell her which way she will need to run. Without their support, I don't see her getting the nomination. Also, she just may have an anger management problem. She's going to have to watch that.

If you expected me to comment on Obama's firing of GM's CEO, I won't disappoint, Short and sweet, these are his baby steps. Pretty soon he'll be walking and when he gets his wind up, paces himself and then sprints to the finish we'd better watch out. If you think the market fell on the news today, watch your 401K when all his experts start taking control of companies through bureaucrats and then actual managers.

God bless.......

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GIANT baby though.. sigh